Wilton Marble – Southeastern Tennessee Attorney

A lawyer you can actually talk to.

Hired a lawyer and thought their face belonged on a milk carton? Ever called your MIA lawyer only to be told time and again he’s currently unavailable? And you just know he’s probably sitting right there!

I had this experience. Once I retained a lawyer. Paid good, hard-earned money up front. After six months of inaction and no contact, I started calling the office weekly to speak with my lawyer and get an update on my case. Of course this lawyer was always unavailable. Then I received a BILL FOR EACH CALL! She never once spoke to me. I was furious.

Right then I resolved, if I were ever a lawyer I would never treat people that way.


Wilton Marble

Phone # (423) 303-8469

Email: [email protected]

The phone number above is my cell phone number. It is not a number to some gatekeeper (“Mr. Marble is currently in his Mongolian Basket Weaving seminar and thus unavailable”). You do not need an Act of Congress or to wade through some robot voice-mail system to contact me. If you call that number, and I can answer (i.e. I am not in court or otherwise indisposed) I will answer. If I cannot answer please leave a voice-mail and I will try to return your call that day or the next. If that fails then text me at that phone number or email me. I check my email almost every day and I will try to respond that day or the next.

I offer a variety of legal services including child custody issues, divorce, personal injury, contract disputes, civil litigation, criminal etc.

If you have a legal question call or, better yet, email me. Consultations are free so you have nothing to lose.  If I can answer your question I will. If not I will refer you to someone who can. If it is a case I think I can help you with then I will discuss it further with you and, upon request, can even arrange to come to you.

Hiring a lawyer and maintaining contact with them should not be difficult. Call or email me to see how easy it can be.